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Know Your Skin

Did you miss any of our recommendations?
No worries, here’s a quick recap of all the skin types and their respective solutions.
We’re sure you explored your skin to the fullest this week and found solutions to all of your skin troubles.

Combination Skin

Sometimes Oily…Sometimes dry… Is that even possible?
Of course, it is! No need to be confused about it. There are times when your skin can show signs of both Oiliness and Dryness. What to do with such a skin? Aloe Vera Glycerin Soap makes sure the dry parts of your skin get an adequate amount of hydration without affecting the oily part.


Recommended Product:

Aloe Vera Bathing Bar

Oily Skin

The oil, the pimples, the stickiness and what not?
That shiny appearance of the skin often causes a handful amount of distress.
You never know when a pimple can pop up and how disturbing the skin can feel as soon as the sweat comes into the picture. It’s time to put an end to all of this discomfort with your recommendations.


Recommended Product:

Jasmine Scrub Soap

Dry Skin

Battling with dry skin? ‘Dry’ is used to describe a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin. Try Ozone Organics Aloe Vera Scrub Soap to rehydrate your skin cells and seal in the moisture.


Recommended Product:

Aloe Vera Scrub Soap

Normal Skin

Understanding the different types of skin will give you a better idea of how to treat acne breakouts. Normal skin requires less maintenance than other skin types, it’s important to remain consistent with a regular skin care product like Ozone Organics turmeric scrub soap that’s gentle on the skin but provides the key ingredients to keep your epidermis looking and feeling at its best.


Recommended Product:

Turmeric Scrub Soap